Scrivener and World Anvil: Like Rich Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream on Top

I’ve recently discovered World Anvil. World Anvil provides gamers, specifically role-players, a place where they can manage their ideas about worlds, characters, plots, and much more. Having used Scrivener for years, I find that Scrivener and World Anvil go hand in hand when it comes to writing, especially fantasy writing.

Scrivener provides a detailed structure with a folder-like structure, while World Anvil provides a more app-like structure. Scrivener gives me the ease of freely writing prose or other lengthy pieces of work, while World Anvil gives me ease of short bits of content linked to one another. Scrivener allows me the freedom to write how I want, while World Anvil gives me prompts about character, setting, plot, or timelines, and more.

Just having Scrivener in my toolbox has been wonderful. Now that I have World Anvil and Scrivener, I feel as though I have sword with two sharp edges, or rather a pen with unlimited potential.