Scrivener and Yojimbo

I really love Yojimbo and have been using it for some time now. I have A LOT of documents in the database. Now I’ve started using Scrivener and I want to be able to deposit PDFs and notes from Yojimbo into Scrivener’s “Research” section while I’m working on a project.

However, it seems that I cannot “drag and drop” PDFs from Yojimbo into Scrivener. I assume this may have something to do with Yojimbo’s proprietary database? That is a huge shame, because as I come to use Scrivener more this fault of Yojimbo grows larger.

If this is indeed true, and I’m not just missing something, what alternative to Yojimbo would you suggest. Will I have to manually export all of my files out of Yojimbo’s database and re-import into a new program? Ack!

I answered with a (somewhat clumsy) workaround in your other thread, but for a large amount of research, I recommend Devonthink Pro (I have the Office version). I’ve had no problem dragging PDFs from my research database into a Scrivener project.

See my reply in the other thread.