Scrivener and Zotero - highly improved interop

Good things to note for Scrivener folks using Zotero: two of it’s sterling volunteer team have put together a reliable plug-in that allows effortless insertion of citation markers into Scrivener documents – thus connecting Zotero’s bibliographical goodness, collection & managment power directly with Scrivener’s magic and writing comfort. Zotero is platform independent and should work on Scrivener for Win and presumably the Linux version. I’ve tried this on the Mac, feel happy to recommend it and have given up my previous workaround.

The plugin for Zotero - together with a description of the process – can be found here: Another description is here:
One of the plugin’s authors posted news of this at the end of the obvious (and long) biblio-thread ([url]]). I thought that this deserves a new topic.


Thanks for the nice words.
I can confirm that we have tested this on Linux.
Also, the correct link for the write-up on my blog is: … or-zotero/
it may move down from the blog’s landing page.