Scrivener Ap goes off


I happen to have an odd issue here. Scrivener disappear itself from my application list. I reinstalled scrivener once and again afeter a while, the ap cannot be runned. I still have the icon in my dock but I can’t open it. :open_mouth:

Same goes for my .scriv files.

Can you help me on this one?



Did you install it properly? It sounds like you dragged the application from the Scrivener disk image into the Dock, and then ejected the disk image, which would make the Scrivener icon in the Dock unable to launch the application itself. If that’s what you did, you should open the “Scrivener.dmg” disk image again, copy the Scrivener app into your Applications folder on your hard drive, and then drag that into your Dock.

thks jebni,

the thing is that I did install it properly the first time as it has been working for weeks and then cease to work all of a sudden.
now I can’t open the scrivener disk image as I am told that the original file cannot be found…

i reintalled it another time and it works but after installing the extras, there is not subfolder scrivener in the library/application support folder as it should be…