Scrivener app on iPad crashing on sync

First, since I updated to Scrivener 3, when I sync with dropbox it wants to sync hundreds of files, not just the one that was recently changed.

Second, I tried to sync three times this morning so I could work on my laptop, and each time the app crashed. I checked for an update and restarted my ipad. I’m now downloading a software update on it.

Anyone else having this issue?



Susanne, a Scrivener project is not a “file”, but a “package” which—if this is a major project that you’ve been working on for some time—may well contain hundreds or even thousands of files. When you open a Scriv2 project in Scriv3, it is converted to the new internal file format creating a completely new project, and a backup is made of your Scriv2 project. That new Scriv3 project contains the thousands of files that have been converted from the original project.

That is why your iOS Scriv has those thousands of files to import, and that takes time, both to upload to Dropbox and to download onto your iPad. As for the crashing, I would hope that if you give Dropbox and your iPad time to do their job fully, it should be resolved. If it isn’t, I’d contact the support team by email, but I guess they’re probably pretty much snowed under at the moment.