Scrivener as a missionary for the Mac

I have a good colleague and friend; we have known each other for a very long time. He lives in a distant city, so we don’t see each other very often, but we have always continued to exchange messages, and from time to time we meet again.

In a distant past, this colleague used to be an Apple fan. Then, a decade or so ago, the bad day came that he got some nasty problems with his Mac. He blamed these problems not on some particular program or on his particular Mac or on himself, but on the whole Mac system, which he then cursed from the bottom of his heart. He threw his Mac out of the window, bought some kind of PC, and since then has always been one of Bill’s most dedicated followers. And from time to time he used to describe me the Mac and all that comes with it as a strange, sectarian, scientology-like belief, unworthy to be taken seriously.

Some days ago, after a long time, we met again.
“Are you still working on a Mac?”, was one of the first things he asked me, as soon as he saw me.
"Yes, why?
“Well, you know, I recently bought a MacBook too.”
“Why this? Didn’t you always tell me that this whole Mac thing was a strange sectarian belief of a distant past, not worth to be taken seriously?”
“Well, yes; but recently I discovered a program that’s really fabulous, and I absolutely wanted to work with it. But this program doesn’t exist for Windows, it only exists for the Mac. So I had to buy a Mac if a wanted to work with it. And now I’m seriously considering switching back to the Mac altogether, because after all, Apple’s OS X system isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. By the way, that program is called Scrivener: you should absolutely try it; you’ll see that to know it, is to love it; you won’t be able to work without it anymore!”

I promised him that I would follow his advice …

Lets hope bobueland doesnt read this story, hell think youre trying to steal his thunder!! :smiley:
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