Scrivener as a Writer's Tool...

I just wanted to take a moment to say… SCRIVENER IS GREAT… and that Brain that put it all together is a Wondrous Entity… (and Scapple too…)

So many times as I’m using Scrivener, I say, I wish I could… and By Dickens… I can. This Program is So Well Thought-Out. So Helpful, and So much Fun…

I literally tell Everyone about it… Children, Animals, Semi-interested Chairs, Well-Hammered Nails, and even Writers. I know they think… Why is Roland telling me about this… Well… If You only Think and Jot Down Thoughts… You Need This. IT JUST HELPS.

Okay… One more Espresso…

Pura Vida…

Costa Rica

Now Writing the Great International Novel : DESIDERATA: The Last Paradise, WITH SCRIVENER, of course. Couldn’t Do It Without YOU… THANKS.

Thanks Roland! :smiley: Glad to hear it’s been of help to your work. I’d be wary of excessively recommending it to inanimate objects however—that can you lead you down a very dark road.

Caveat inanimatae! Though I think we do have to allow that some of those Well-Hammered Nails are already Scrivener users and are on this forum! :wink:

Being constantly overwhelmed by the tsunami of Trump-Conway-Bannonesque garbage, that, depressingly, shows no sign of abating, it was a lovely surprise to come across Roland’s post.

The post oozes warmth and sincerity. It gave my spirits a big lift. I’ve enjoyed reading it over and over again, and I have a RTF doc of it on my iMac’s desk top.
Thank you Roland.

Have a drink with me :wink:
Take care,


… and how often does one agree with both Amber and Vic on the same page?

(Vic buddy, keep away from those dark roads. Think of Trump as merely a pigment of your imagination.)


Or, p’haps more aptly, a vulturement of my imagination :frowning: But! having just written that, I am smiling. As I look at Roland’s post, I don’t have to look too far to be reminded that there are truly decent human beings in abundance all about us. :smiley:
Take care Phil
Thanks again Roland :wink: