Scrivener as Foreign Literature aid

So I’m a Chinese major and am starting a pre-modern literature course where we are going through selected chapters of the Ming Dynasty novel Water Margin and my Professor is kindly providing us the texts and vocab lists as .doc files instead of making us purchase a very expensive book.

I am in the habit of using Scrivener for school, I make a Project for every class everything from papers to articles to lecture notes gets put into the program so it was only natural that I put the texts for this class into a Project as well. Thing is, I never realized exactly how efficent Scrivener is at the task of helping my reading. Using the split-screen feature I have the main text of each chapter taking up most of my screen real estate, with the vocab notes open on the bottom, but very small so it only shows two definitions at a time so as to not be distracting and give me more room for the text itself.

And I know it has nothing to do with Scrivener but with Mac OS X’s built-in three-finger tap access to fill in any additional vocab gaps, the process of reading texts which used to involve juggling multiple books (the text, the professor provided notes, and a dictionary) has been extremely streamlined! I know there are Dictionary programs for Windows/Linux that provide the same type of functionality as well.

It may seem strange to use Scrivener for a reading based course where there are literally no writing assignments other than in-class exams where I won’t typing anyway but I must admit, I am extremely pleased with the system I have set up for myself and I encourage others who may have unique situations to see if Scrivener works for them as well, you’ve already purchased it and you might find yourself surprised by how well it works as a reading app, if you are fortunate to have texts that you can feed into it, such as off the web or from Word .doc files.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m struggling with similar problems in Japanese, but somehow it had never occurred to me that Scrivener might be the solution.