Scrivener as Front-end for Jutoh

I’ve bounced around through the selection of writing software, and recently exported an Amazon ebook e-manuscript from Word to Jutoh (due to Word’s messy ebook export tendencies, plus frankly I can’t stand Word).

Jutoh is very effective and easy to use in compiling ebooks, but it’s book prep capabilities–in contrast with Scrivener–are a bit weak. I’ve heard that Scrivener can be used to output ebooks, but (and don’t kill me for saying this) I’ve also heard that creating/compiling ebooks is not exactly Scrivener’s strength. :frowning:

Naturally, seeking the best of all worlds, I’m considering using Scrivener to prep the book, then run it through Jutoh to create the final Amazon-ready product. Have any of you had experience with this?

Also has anyone had any experience and luck using Scrivener to create a book through CreateSpace?

Thanks all, for your patience, assistance, and understanding.