Scrivener as general-purpose project manager

Has anybody out there tried using Scrivener as an all-purpose project planner? I finally need to transition from my long-defunct OS9/Classic PIM (Arrange, aka WebArranger) & am looking at tools like OmniFocus. But I spend so much time in Scrivener anyway, I am tempted to make my other projects/tasks/ToDos fit as well. While Scrivener does not have the relational database capability that made Arrange so great for integrating contacts, it does have the outlining capability and nice FInd/Search options.

Related questions:
(1) How to handle contacts?
(2) Any thoughts on implementing the “context” aspect of the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach of apps like OmniFocus?

You could create a root folder for Contacts and create a new document for each contact. Then if you need to relate a contact to a specific task, you can use the References pane to create an internal link. You can create a template sheet for your contacts, pre formatted to prompt you for all the normal contact info fields, just for consistency’s sake.

For contexts, how about keywords? Create a keyword for each of your @contexts and attach them to your items. You can then search by keyword/context to create Collections.

Very helpful suggestions, and I have been playing with them a bit. A few possible stumbling blocks jump out:
(1) Unless I am missing a template creation feature, the templates do not actually create “fields” in the database sense. I.e., they cannot be sorted by last name, set up to import from Address Book, etc.
(2) It would help if a Collection could include other Collections. E.g. Create a Collection called “To Do This Week” that could contain Collections of related tasks/projects deemed to be current high priority. Or is there is another way to assign priority & display a summary list all items that fit a certain priority category?
(3) Any way to link to a calendar such as iCal for reminders?

A lot to ask of an app built for writing, no matter how great, I know!