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Nice review of Scrivener by Giles Turnbull from the O’Reilly Network.

Say Hello To Scrivener

– MJ

Scrivener also got a thumbs up by Merlin Mann on the MacBreak podcast this week. :slight_smile:

Yup! You can find it here.

– MJ

VERY cool!!!

Yes, a big thanks to Giles (who contacted me the other day to let me know about his mention) and to Merlin (and to Carissa, who pointed me in the direction of the MacBreak podcast). And a big thank you also to the FT journalist who mentioned Scrivener to Merlin in the first place, a very nice chap who has just been on the phone to me.

I hope this is the first of many such mentions in the Mac media. We can help educate other potential users by posting comments about our Scrivener experiences at those sites; I just did so below the O’Reilly review.

The MacDev blog was the first I’ve heard of Scrivener. After poking around with the beta, I’m sold. Very nice work.

Thanks Brett and Mark. :slight_smile: