scrivener automatically indents

Why does scrivener automatically indent random lines? I can’t seem to undo it using backspace as I typically do in word. Can someone help stop scrivener from automatically indenting my paragraphs without me doing it? I don’t want to mess with the half inch indentation on the ruler at the top because that means that I will have to press the space bar several times each time I want to indent. Does anyone know how to indent the way word does it? Automatically indenting half an inch when TAB is pressed but not just randomly indenting in the beginning of sentences. I also want to know if you can add extra space between characters like you can in a word document.

I’m not entirely clear what you mean by “random” lines–Scrivener’s default settings indent the first line of each paragraph (so hard returns–perhaps sometimes you’re entering soft returns with Shift-Return?) using the first-line indent marker on the ruler, like Word and other word processors have. You can change this to no longer be the default by opening Edit>Options and in the Editor tab, dragging the first-line indent marker all the way to the left in the ruler above the sample text:

That will change the settings for all new documents created, and you can change existing documents to these settings using the Documents>Convert to Default Formatting command. (If you have documents with embedded images, don’t use that command–there’s a bug with it that will remove the images, though this has been fixed for the next release. For these, just select all in the document and then adjust the ruler at the top of the document the same way as above; hit Ctrl-R to display the ruler if it’s not visible.)

Now you’ll just be able to hit the tab key and indent manually when and where you please. :slight_smile: