Scrivener avilable for only windows? (not Mac/Wins bundle)

Hi - I am a new user looking to go from the free trial to purchasing. I see a Mac option, and a wins/mac option, but not a windows only option, Am I missing something? I am on a PC (I have a Chromebook also so would be great to get it working there, too, but separate question I guess). thanks! Also - does anyone know, will my work be saved from the trial to the purchased version? I’m assuming so, and see some info saying so, but would feel better hearing from an actual human that this has been there experience

This page shows the windows-only license purchase link: … ab=Windows

I am getting an error when I try to buy the Windows version.

Does anyone know what the issue is? Seems to be Paddle related.

What’s the error?

Yes, by the way, your work is saved. Scrivener’s projects are stored completely separately from the application itself.


Something changed overnight as the page looks completely different now. I managed to buy it tonight :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that! The page was under revision for a bit the other day; seems like you were trying around that point in time.