Scrivener awesomeness extends to the User Community

I’m accomplishing something daily that I never thought I’d be able to do with Scrivener; I’m rapidly approaching the 100,000 word mark on a story I though up 3 days before NaNoWriMo in November. I’ve been working at a decidedly slower pace, but it never feels like drudgery now, thanks to Scrivener’s flexibility. I’ve learned how to write in scenes. The progress I feel at “finishing” each little section of my book has been a great replacement for my daily 1700+ word count goal from NaNo. My previous novel attempt sputtered at just over 50k and about 2/3 finished, mainly because after the rush of being a part of some huge group of people, writing alone, with no clear goal or progress felt like drudgery.

But this wasn’t a post just to gush about Scrivener. It’s also to praise the people who make the forums so informative, and at times entertaining. I’ve learned a great deal about this software from the tutorial and videos, but the forums have really educated me, just by observing what other people suggest to get around perceived limitations of Keith’s remarkable creation. And the screen shots thread, which hasn’t seen a lot of life in the last couple of weeks has none-the-less helped me find a great use of my screen real estate. I’m now using a set up with a one-column cork-board, where I can see most, if not all, of my scenes in the chapter I’m currently working on. With those synopses on one side, and the document notes on the other, I’ve been able to stay on track while adapting to my oddly independent characters.

Thanks, everyone. It’s been an awesome ride so far, and I don’t honestly think I’d be using Scrivener to even half of it’s potential without the hints and support I’ve found here.

I just started using Scrivener myself, and I agree with everything you just said. I hadn’t even been able to get myself to start writing until I tried Scrivener. So I downloaded it on a whim, thinking “meh, Word should be good enough for me”. Now I’m 30,000 words in. Only thing that’s keeping me from buying right this second is the hope that version 2.0 will come out before my 30-day trial is over :slight_smile:

Cinder6, search the forum for news on 2.0.
The release date is still a long way off, well past your 30-day trial.
The current price is what, 35 bucks?
That’s maybe dinner and a movie for two.
My advice: buy it now. The upgrade will be worth it.
And it won’t cost as much as the current version.

Scrivener is well worth the price, even when adding in the upgrade cost (likely to be discounted for current Scrivener licensees). I consider Scrivener to be as useful and revolutionary to writers as Photoshop is for photographers and artists. There are actually a lot of parallels to the design. In photoshop you work on an image in layers, so you can overlay an image with effects, but remove them temporarily or add other layers in between. In scrivener, you work in folders and documents, which can be divided up into scenes, chapters, acts, or whatever suits the writer. You can rearrange the scenes as they suit you, add in new scenes between two others, or remove one entirely if you like.

Where there is absolutely no parallel is in the cost: Scrivener costs less than $40 (US), whereas Adobe Photoshop CS 4 for Mac costs over $600 on If you’re a full time student in an approved 4-year degree program, you can get it for a mere $190. The upgrades for Photoshop can range from $190 to over $300. Scrivener is a bargain by any measure.

Plus, you get to have the warm and fuzzy feeling that your hard-earned money goes to supporting a truly independent developer (and his friend/business partner) who really, really cares about doing the right thing by his users.

Plus, did I mention that the User community is awesome? The community even features frequent appearances by the developer himself (KB). One might even say ‘too frequent’. eyes Keith who is probably, at this very minute, scanning the forums for requests for help :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, if they’re too frequent then I probably shouldn’t be replying. :slight_smile: Many thanks for all the kind words. I like the comparison to Photoshop, too - that is sort of what I set out to do, actually. I even spent some time, in the initial design stages, thinking if the PS design philosophy (palettes, multiple windows) was one that would be useful in writing, before I reverted to my original ideas. I totally agree about the user community - Scrivener wouldn’t be what it is without the community here, sharing ideas and helping out. I ought to give that screenshots thread a prod, though, as I’d like to see some more shots there, too!

Cinder6 - thanks for the kind words, too. I’m afraid I can guarantee that Scrivener 2.0 won’t be out before your 30-day trial is over, though (well, unless you use it only once a week…). Lots still to do.

All the best,

Oh, I know I’ll probably wind up paying the upgrade price (and happily, too). I can still dream, though. Or maybe I’ll get tired of the “Scrievener is unregistered!” window popping up. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Upon reading the newest release forecast, I did in fact decide to get annoyed at the popup.