Scrivener b29 tarfile available

This download includes the native b29 Linux build:
Download here [size=80][Release Notes][/size]

Lee meant to post it last night, but our web server has been experiencing issues and so we only just now could get it uploaded.

Sorry for the late delivery on this!

Awesome. Thanks.

Here are the installation steps I took on Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit to get up and running:

Download the .tgz file (this is a gzipped tarfile).
Go to the download directory, then

[code]tar xvfz Scrivener-029-Package.tgz
sudo mv LiteratureAndLatte/ /usr/local/
sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener

optionally, if you have /usr/local/bin in your PATH

sudo ln -s /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener /usr/local/bin/

Note that a more universal way to do this doesn’t use ‘mv’, as there are potential pitfalls if /home and /usr/local are different partitions (thanks, elmago).
One method would be a recursive copy:

sudo cp -r LiteratureAndLatte/ /usr/local/

You may want to remove your original directory tree after the copy.

Alternately, untar the file directory to /usr/local :

sudo tar xvfz Scrivener-029-Package.tgz  -C /usr/local

For a desktop launcher, I added this to .local/share/applications/Scrivener.desktop :

[Desktop Entry] Name=Scrivener GenericName=Scrivener Editor Exec=/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener %f Terminal=false Type=Application StartupNotify=true Icon=/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/Scrivener_Logo.png Categories=Office;WordProcessor;

Then [code]
chmod +x ~/.local/share/applications/Scrivener.desktop
ln -s ~/.local/share/applications/Scrivener.desktop ~/Desktop

or copy, instead of linking :

cp ~/.local/share/applications/Scrivener.desktop ~/Desktop/

This is based on Uriel1998’s post :
For the icon to work, you’ll need to copy that icon, or supply your own, and put it in the /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte directory.
Point to the image you’ve downloaded, discovered, or created and copy it:

 cp Scrivener_Logo.png  /usr/local/LiteratureandLatte/Scrivener_Logo.png

The .desktop file will work on many distros, as it is based on the standard. You should be able to launch Scrivener from the command line, or by clicking the icon you’ve created. (And if you’re running 11.04 and Unity, you can find Scrivener hitting the Linux/Windows special key and typing part of the word ‘scrivener’.)

Thanks a lot for the new beta. Sadly, the disappearing text bug after full screen is still there :frowning:

The instructions provided for installation work great but, if you’re like me and have your home folder in a different partition, the mv command won’t work, instead, try this:

sudo cp -r LiteratureAndLatte/ /usr/local/

Kindlegen appears to be missing (absent?) from the tarball as well. It’s the standard Amazon binary, which can be obtained here:

Untar etc. etc. and

sudo cp kindlegen /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/docformats/

I found that just an update of the changed and new files seemed to work okay for me, too:

sudo cp -ru <downloaded install dir> /usr/local/

It doesn’t come included with any version of Scrivener. From the release notes:

KindleGen (i.e. eBook .MOBI format) is not part of the Scrivener installer due to licencing requirements and needs to be downloaded from: … 1000234621 If you agree to the Amazon licence you can copy the KindleGen.exe for Windows or Linux into Scrivener\docformats directory and Scrivener will detect KindleGen and display the .mobi eBook format in the Compile file format combobox. Scrivener will work without theKindleGen executable, and the ePub format is not affected and built in by default. We will look at integrating the download of the KindleGen within Scrivener but we simply run out of time before this release.

Thanks for correcting that, my mistake. :frowning:


The download link at the beginning of this thread doesn’t work. The file doesn’t exist.

Is there another place to download the tar file for the latest beta for linux?

I am using the 1.0.1 beta from RobHamm’s deb file. But want to be play some with the latest version. I think I saw somewhere that it is 1.0.3.

Any direction?


That’s an old, old file, man. And sorry I didn’t say anything sooner, but Lee’s going to be providing a new tarball soon.