Scrivener backspaced on its own over my text


Maybe someone else here has experienced this:

I was typing in my manuscript in the text window when the cursor began backspacing over the most recent paragraph. I attempted to regain control of the cursor with the mouse and the keyboard, but could not. I finally simply quit Scrivener. Upon reopening the manuscript, I could not recover the lost paragraph because there was not a recent enough backup. I had to do the work over.

Is this a known issue, or a problem that others here have experienced?

Please let me know if there is a way to stop the damage the next time it happens, or better yet prevent it from occurring again.

Your help is appreciated.

That is not really something that Scrivener would do. It doesn’t control your cursor or keyboard like that.

I’ve had issues with stuck keys (either physically or just because the OS is confused) with Macs for years. Best thing to do when it happens is to not panic. Let it happen, tap the same or another key now and then to try and get it to stop, and once it does: use Undo.

Thanks. I will try your suggestion if I experience the backspacing issue again.

It’s definitely hard not to panic when it’s happening, though. :wink:

Oh believe me I know! Every time. That’s why Don’t Panic is step 1 of the checklist. :smiley:

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