scrivener backup files

I just recently upgraded to el captain and also updated Scrivener to the most recent version. When I open my files, it updates the file and creates a backup automatically. Once my files are updated successfully is their any reason I need to keep this backup file? I back my computer up hourly with time machine. I’m just not sure whether Scrivener needs this file to run successfully. I’d very much like to delete them. Thank you !

No, there’s no need to keep them for Scrivener to run successfully, but being a ‘belt and braces’ sort of person, I archive them.

Mr X

I’d keep them until you confirm that the new version of each project actually opens successfully. There have been a few cases of “false positives” with the Scrivener 2.7 conversion, where the project claims to update properly but then fails to open.

But once you’ve done that, no, there’s no need to keep them.