Scrivener becomes non-responsive then crashes

I was using Scrivener and closed a project. It started to the auto-backup and then crashed. I sent the Scrivener crash report and then opened up another project file. I then clicked on a folder I had created within that project called “Scraps” and Scrivener became non-responsive for a couple of minutes. The menu bar was still active but nothing in the actual window was. I used force-quit to close the program and started it up again. Did the same thing—clicked on the “Scraps” folder and the same thing happened. I waited, and then the window got all messed up—the buttons at the top disappeared. I took a screen capture that I’ll try to post so you can see what I am talking about.

I’ve never had any other problems with Scrivener before, either with the NaNo edition or 1.x. The folder “Scraps” just contains a bunch of text files created in Scrivener. I can click on other text files and folders that I can see (in the grab) without a problem. It just seems to be the one folder.

Hopefully this can get fixed!!