Scrivener beta installation errror: icudt59.dll cannot be copied


Every time I try to install the beta version 5 of Scrivener, the installation aborts with the message that icudt59.dll cannot be copied. I have uninstalled all previous beta versions and tried several times. What can I do now?

Friendly greetings,

Scrivener beta_Installation Error.png

Hi Gedeon
Not sure if it helps any but have you tried installing Scrivener as an administrator?

IE Right click on the Scrivener-beta-installer.exe and select ‘Run As Administrator’.

It may work or it will at least bide some time until somebody knowledgeable comes along :wink:

Alternatively, try clearing your browser cache and downloading a new installer. Also check your antivirus is not complicating things.



Hi AussieDoc,

Many thanks for your suggestion! Yes, I have tried to install the program as administrator but the installation always aborts at this point.

As long as I installed the new beta versions using the update function of the previous ones, there was no problem. This time the date had expired and so I had to download the new installation package and install it into the folder of the previous version. Since there were several times the described abort, I uninstalled the previous beta version and tried a “clean installation”. But the dll. problem remains …
My purchased version 1.96 still works without problems.

Hi xiamenese,

although my antivirus program has never caused trouble when I installed Scrivener before, I deactivated it this time … and everything worked fine!

Thanks for the tip!