Scrivener Beta on Raspberry Pi 2 not launching.

I’m still getting the hang of Linux systems, so bear with me :smiley:

I have Ubuntu Mate installed on a raspberry pi 2 and I have been able to install the scrivener- as well as the hot fix scrivener- files, but when I click on the launch icon nothing happens.

when I use uname -m it returns arm7l and from my understanding the x86 version of this software should work.

Has anyone run into this problem on a desktop version of Ubuntu? If so, what am I missing?

Not sure where you got your information, but x86 and arm are two totally different CPU architectures and x86 binaries unfortunately won’t run on an arm CPU. You might be able to get away with emulation using a virtualization solution like QEMU or if you can figure out how to run x86 WINE on that arm machine then you could run the Windows version of Scrivener, but I’m not sure the processor on the Pi is even fast enough to handle jumping through that many hoops to begin with. Either way, I don’t think you’ll be able to do what you’re hoping you can do; sorry.

Edit: Looks like there’s a software solution that might help, but even if you could figure out how to get it to load Scrivener on the Pi, I still think it’ll be way too slow to run it properly:

rtiangha is right, the Raspbery Pi (and 2) uses an Arm processor which is incompatable with binaries compiled for Intel x86 processors. Don’t waste your time with Qemu, the Pi simply doesn’t have the power to emulate well enough to run desktop software.

If you want to run Scrivener on Linux on a pocket-sized device, look at buying the Linux version of the Intel Compute Stick

ExaGear is an x86 virtualiser for the Pi 2 which the manufacturers claim is faster than QEMU, but I’ll eat my hat if it runs Scrivener successfully. If you do get it going, please tell us about it. I imagine it will be more of a curiosity than workable writing software.

See also this discussion: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=31044

Huh, I’d be curious for the sake of curiosity if it works. Scrivener works well via WINE, but as we all know by now WINE is not an emulator. [size=70] (Sorry, LISP programmer. Couldn’t help throwing in a bit of recursion.)[/size]

Dying. I’m dying.

ExaGear runs WINE (allegedly), so if you really want to make your Pi cry you could try running Win Scrivener on it. :open_mouth:

Horribly sorry about resurrecting an old thread :cry: but since this is a top result on google when searching for Scrivener on a Raspberry Pi, I wanted to note that as of now (2019), Scrivener runs just fine with the Raspberry Pi 4 & Exagear.

You can’t buy ExaGear any longer though, so it’s a bit too little, too late. :confused: