Scrivener Beta uninstall leaves traces in add/remove programs

I’ve estimate that I’ve been installing Beta 3 versions for about 5 months or so. I typically click the check update option from the menu option and sometimes that attempts to update and some versions it does not. If it does not, I manually download from these forums and run the installer. Sometimes I’ll uninstall via add/remove programs first, but I’ve not been diligent about that. Often, no versions of Scrivener are installed the next day even though I think I’ve launched after I tried to update. Today I was checking and I have 5 listings for Scrivener in my add/remove programs list and most do not have the uninstall option available to me (grayed out). I believe only 1 does at this point. I think I’ve clicked uninstall in the past on all the ones that are unavailable to uninstall now. The one that does will not uninstall - it errors that the path to the uninstall.exe is wrong. It doesn’t seem to affect the program from working. I am using windows 10 on a surface pro i5 - I think model 6. Whatever came out in 2018.