Scrivener bought on App Store won't open when offline

I bought Scrivener in the App Store.
I’m trying to use Scrivener with my Mac offline, but it won’t open. It asks me to sign in with my apple id, but this is impossible when offline.
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You may need to sign in occasionally to validate your license, but you shouldn’t need to check routinely. If you sign in once, does Scrivener behave after that?


This might or might not be related. I was sent this info from an associate who was unable to use an app without entering their Apple ID. It seems there’s an issue at the MAS.

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Thank you for your help.

I tried again (switched off wifi on mac) and it works normally.

Maybe is a periodical control by Scrivener (or by MAS).

I will try again and let you know.


I think they must have been having more trouble with the MAS. This morning, software that I’ve used for years suddenly told me that it wasn’t licensed and I had to log in to Apple again to validate it.

Mr X

Apple rolled over to new certificates on the 14th, so you may run into issues as they seem to having a lot of difficulties working with certificates lately. This transition hasn’t seemed to me as bad as the last one at least! Last year we were inundated with people getting error messages about the software being “damaged”. All they needed to do was reboot to flush the old certificates out of cache. So if you are continuing to have difficulties, I’d try a reboot.

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I’m running OS 10.11.3 and I got an alert that I didn’t have the validation to run Preview! Also, another app that I bought late last year on this machine and updated only a few weeks ago, it told me had been bought on another machine and that I had to sign in again to my Apple account.

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Dear xiamenese, AmberV and scshrugged, thank you for your answer.

Now it workd, so the problem seems to be limited in time (and solved).

xiamenese, you say “it told me had been bought on another machine and that I had to sign in again to my Apple account”. When I was back online, it told me same thing, I put my apple password and now it works again, even offline.

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Just arrived on ‘retreat’ in France wake up early to start writing and can’t open Scrivener because it is telling me I bought it on another computer. Unbelievable! Do I blame Scrivener or Apple who cares it doesn’t work even though I clearly bought it on this Mac. On my phone for Internet but have no wi fi and a Sunday so local village cafe can’t help. Should have brought a typewriter. Suddenly all the problems of modern technology are on my doorstep like a sat nav that directs you off a cliff.

Hi Toteck,

the fault lies totally with Apple, the Scrivener folks are 100% innocent…


Yeah, there really isn’t anything we can do about Apple’s business model. I’m sorry you’ve been running into issues with whether or not the MAS lets you run the software you purchased—but for our software anyway, you can try downloading the direct-sale version and it may be able to unlock itself using your Apple receipt even if Apple itself isn’t. If not, you may have some demo days left to hold you over until the root problem can be resolved.