Scrivener briefly shows most recent version, then it "switches" to an older save

Hi! I am not sure whats going on, but I am using scrivener to write a book. I have never in the 4 years I have had it had any issues saving or backing up. However, the last time I tried to save, it “couldn’t back up” and when I reopened it to write anew, the most recent version of my save was not showing. However, I can see the most recent version for about a second and then it reverts to the older version on my screen. Like, I can literally see the proper version in the screen and it just switches to an older version. I am baffled. Has anyone experienced this before?

And to add - I have opened the backups several times. When I open a backup, the same thing happens, indicating that the problem is in scrivener itself. It just can’t actually save when it “saves”. If I click away from the page and then back again, it reverts to an even OLDER version, like two saves ago. It seems to have cached the proper version, but just automatically reverts to an older one for some reason. Any ideas welcome. It is so frustrating to see my completed page for half a second and then BAM it is suddenly an older version and then BAM again an older version. It is only happening with this one page, which is the most recent thing I have been working on, for a while.

And last - Before this happened, I exported all the files in the entire manuscript (I always do after every session) as word docs before I closed the program, but after I had “saved” my work, and those exported files have none of the most recent work that was done that day. So exporting is not showing changes either.