Scrivener Browser

Okay so I saved a bunch of websites to read through when I’m forming my sketch for my template and one of them had connected links on the subject and when I clicked it the coolest thing happen, a browser window popped up that wasn’t Chrome (my default browser) or Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge ( the browsers windows added to my computer) it was this great little window that didn’t have any of my bookmarks or even an address bar it only had the page that the saved website was looking for. It made my easily distracted mind sing.

I want to make it so all my internet links saved into my template or any future documents open just like that. I don’t want the option to go somewhere else. I don’t want the temptation to get distracted I just want that browser again. But I can’t see to find out how to adjust my setting and preferences to make that happen. I’m assuming the browswer is part of the Scrivener program itself. I’ve looked on YouTube and Google and while I’ve definitely found my way down the rabbit hole again, I didn’t find the answer to that, so I’m wondering if I’m just phrasing my search terms wrong and if this can be done.

Quick Reference pane, maybe?