Scrivener can't create file?

Can anyone tell me why I should get an error message to the effect that Scrivener can’t create a file, as I shut it down please? It backs up fine, but I repeatedly get this error.
Thanks :confused:

If you’re getting this message when closing a project, it sounds like the Scrivener’s not able to write to the automatic backup directory for some reason–have you in fact verified that the auto backups are getting created in the correct location (check in the Backup tab of Tools > Options) and that they are complete? It could just be something like being out of disk space or the backup drive not being connected, if you’re using an external. Also if you hit the “Abort Backup” button while the backup is happening, that will also provoke this message, although I admit it’s not as clear as it could be in that case, since you’ve deliberately chosen not to create the backup.

Although I’m using scrivener on linux I do have scrivener (windows) on a windows partition (I have a dual-boot setup)…
Have you tried running scrivener in windows admin mode to check if this is a permissions problem?

Are you saving projects to dropbox, a flash drive, or the like? if those aren’t accessible, it could fail to create the file, as well.