Scrivener Can't Find My Project--Won't Open

I just posted about Scrivener moving around text in my documents. Turns out that’s the least of my problems.

The plan was to look at the backups Scrivener creates automatically (thankfully I’d only been working for 20 mins or so this morning, so my back up from last night would have been just fine). Because I’ve never looked at backups before, I decided to make a new project to store a copy of the now corrupted version of my MS (the version where text appeared in random docs), just so I could revert back to it in its entirety if my backup acrobatics turned funky.

While creating a new project my computer froze. It froze so badly I couldn’t even get the Task Manager to work to close down Scrivener; I was forced (after much waiting around) to manually shut the machine off.

Upon restarting I set about opening Scrivener, with the intent of looking at the backups. Well, Scrivener now told me that it couldn’t find my project.

I can open a new project in Scrivener, and I can open an older project, but not the ones I worked on today (not my regular project, and not the new one where I intended to store a copy).

I really am at a loss here. I’ve tried searching this forum (and I have emailed tech support), and I’ve tried to google it, but so far no solutions.

I’m pretty terrified that my project got corrupted :open_mouth: and hope you have some pointers.

Thank you.

How are you trying to open the project? If you go via File > Open and browse your file directory to select the project, does it open? Could you provide the wording or a screenshot of the error message you get?