Scrivener can't go to Leopard

Hi everybody,

I use the huge software Scrivener since half a year now, and I’m very glad of it.
But today, I upgraded my MacBook with Leopard (clean install). I saved all my files on my iMac before, and when I returned them to the MacBook, Scrivener asked me to register when I opened it.
And the big problem is that I didn’t keep my registration number. Am I forced to buy a new licence, or is there another way?

Thanks a lot!


Just e-mail me using the e-mail address with which you registered (to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com) or your full name and address so that I can locate your details in the database, and I’ll resend the licence info.

Keith, thank you for your quick answer. Your proposal is very kind.

I just sent you an e-mail with all my e-mail adresses, because I can’t remember which one I used to buy Scrivener!



Seb - you may want to check out RapidoSerial.. It’s free, and a handy place to keep all of your serial/registration/password materials.

Khadrelt, thank you for the link. It will be useful!