Scrivener Can't Open Scrivener Format

I am trying to open a file I used last week (on my MacBook Air (running Mojave os 10.14.5). When I try to open it via that Open file, it shows as grayed out. When I try to open it by clicking on the file, I get a message that says "Scrivener 3 cannot open files in the “Scrivener Document” format.

Where is the file stored? Locally, or with a cloud service? Has it moved since you last successfully opened it?


It is stored in Dropbox, which is where it was stored last week. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has change about the file, where it is stored, my droxbox account, or any other obvious thing that might affect either the file or scrivener. I’ve rebooted the computer and that didn’t fix the problem either.

Are you letting Dropbox “optimize” storage in any way?

Can you open other projects normally, for instance the interactive Tutorial from the Help menu?


The “Kind” of file that Scrivener can open is a Scrivener Project. A Scrivener Document is I believe reserved for the .scrivx file all by itself. This isn’t your project, but only a small piece of it. Did you by chance use the Dropbox website to download this one file from within your “my project name.scriv” folder? You need that whole folder downloaded.

That got me looking at the other files in my folder. Although I still can’t open the file I was able to open last week, I was able to open the back-up zip file. So problem isn’t actually solved, but I’ve been able to get around it. Thank you!