Scrivener cards to Scapple?

Is there a simple way (I’m new to all this) of copying the cards out of Scrivener and into Scapple, rearanging them adding new ones and then moving the whole lot back again, all without loosing the associated script pages that are already attached to the cards?

I think this is a great system but have just found it so am feeling my way

Any suggestions welcomed


No, there isn’t really a way of doing that, there are too many differences between how the programs work, for that to be feasible. Scapple isn’t meant to be an add-on for Scrivener. It’s a separate program with a completely different operating philosophy. The existing integration is meant to support that philosophy, where Scapple is used to rough out the early formation of an idea, and then Scrivener would be used to turn that into a concrete result. Going back to Scapple after doing so would be like pulling all of the ingredients out of some soup one-by-one and trying to start over. :slight_smile: