Scrivener Closes/Crashes in Windows

Hello good people,

Thank you for the most recent Scrivener release ( - 06 Feb 2013).

I use Windows 7, 64 bit.

Scrivener randomly closes by itself (crashes) when I’m working in it.

It has happened when I have only one Scrivener project open, as well as when two and three are open.

I don’t know when it happens. Sometimes I think it happened when I did CTRL + N to create a new text document/page.

At other times I think I was just typing in a text document/page.

Thank you for the support.


Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a problem! I’ve had a couple other reports we’re still working through whereby Scrivener closes abruptly when using copy, paste, or cut, which might be the same issue you’re experiencing. Might you have used another shortcut, e.g. Ctrl-I for italics or done a copy or paste or such, that may have triggered the crash when you were working in the text? Do you recall if the document you were working in had any special formatting, inspector comments or footnotes or inline notes? If you can trigger the crash again just by creating a new document in a new blank project, with no imported text or comments or footnotes or such, that would be useful to know.

Could you please check the Scrivener installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener) for a “minidump” folder and see if it contains any files from around the time Scrivener closed? If you see any, please select them all and then right-click and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” and either attach them here or send them along with a reference to this forum post to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can take a look.

Finally, are you using any kind of special mouse or keyboard? It seems like this might be due to a driver incompatibility, from the troubleshooting we’re doing with other users experiencing the problem, so knowing what hardware and associated drivers you have for your peripherals would help track this down. If you try restarting your machine without those plugged in or with the drivers disabled, do you still experience the crashing? (You can also try starting up in Safe Mode by holding F8 during the boot sequence to see if running Scrivener in that case allows you to work without the crashing.) Thanks!

Hi all:

I’m experiencing similar issues with the Windows trial I downloaded: sudden closure of Scrivener when trying to paste. Specifically, I was trying to copy text from a Power Writer note into a Character Sketch template I created by modifying the existing Character Sketch template in the Fiction Project. Scrivener crashed upon selecting paste, both through the right mouse click path and when selecting paste from the Edit Menu. I will try to gather the information on drivers, etc. and forward, though I don’t think I’m using anything unusual.



Thanks, Virginia, I appreciate it! The developer is investigating these crashes, and all the information we can gather helps! If the crash is occurring only when pasting this particular text, could you send a copy of the original document (and indicate which text to copy) to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can try to reproduce this? Unfortunately no one on the team has yet been able to replicate the crashing, so all we have to go on so far are the user reports. There is a specific issue with copying text from some tables in DOCX files that has been fixed for an upcoming update, but I know these crash issues some of you are getting are not limited to copying and pasting text from tables. If it does seem specific to only certain text however, please let us know. Also please check the minidump folder in the Scrivener installation folder to see if it contains any files.

Thanks for giving Scrivener a try! I’m so sorry you’ve experienced this problem, and thank you for taking the time to help us track it down and fix it.

Are either of you running any sort of software that would intercept keyboard input, e.g. antikeyloggers, text expanders, global hotkey services? The first might be installed as part of a security software or antivirus package. Another user who’s been troubleshooting this problem found that Zemana antilogger seems to have been the culprit, and it wouldn’t be the first time software like that has caused something to go haywire. Constand Guard by XFINITY is another one that’s causing problems. Disabling this or adding Scrivener to its whitelist should clear up the problem.


Removal of Constant Guard seems to have cleared up the problem. Thanks for the hint.


Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for the help.

Thank you again for the amazing Scrivener and the support.

Chris (23 KB)

Hello again–

I forgot to mention that I use Dragon Dictate!

When I’m using Scrivener I often use Dragon Dictate to speak text into Scrivener.

NB If you’re a writer who thinks faster than you type, Dragon Dictate is an AMAZING way to write stories! You just put your cursor in a Scrivener document and start telling your story! The more you use it the more accurate it gets. I cannot live without Scrivener and Dragon Dictate.


I went into Constant Guard and discovered that Scrivener was a blocked program. I unblocked it and the problem was corrected.