Scrivener compatibility issue Mac/Windows

Hi all, just a clarification on what is happening when I try to open with Scrivener windows a project created/edited by Mac version.
I have a project in Mac, but when I try to open scrivx in Windows fonts in chapters are different. In particular chapter are written in Times new Roman in mac project, when I open it in windows they appear in MS San Serif. I have do change it manually… do you know the reason? Is this a known bug?
Many thanks

Hi Francesco,

Yes, this is a known issue and should be corrected for 1.0 so that fonts will only change if the one you’re using on one platform isn’t installed on the other.

Many thanks Jennifer, sorry for trouble you I have tried to search in the forum but I didn’t find the answer.


No trouble at all, it was good for me to double-check. I think it’s just something we’ve found on internal testing, so it’s not listed anywhere in the forums. I’d much rather have duplicate and triplicate reports than miss something! :slight_smile: