Scrivener Compile button do nothing 😲

Hi all, I am getting worried this morning after the “Compile” button start ignoring me whenever I tried to compile my text to Multimarkdown (or other formats).

The symptoms are whenever I bring up the compile window, clicking on the ‘Compile’ button does nothing. Previously, it will start the compiling process and show a console with the execution.

The surprising and worrying thing is it was working perfectly yesterday. I haven’t install any new version (although I tried to reset and reinstall this morning after it was not working). I haven’t perform any MacOS upgrade. I recently upgrade my MacOS to Monterey but was using Scrivener after that too.

I don’t think this is any issue with the software but just looking for anyone that has similar experience? Without the compile button, I am unable to generate the draft for others to review, basically, stuck now.

Any help or comment would be much appreciated.

Did you accidentally activate (in the compile dialog) “only selected”?

Thanks @November_Sierra for the suggestion, I am not sure if you mean compiling the document that I have selected? I just checked my compile options, the drop down select box said “Manuscript”, the filter is set to “All”, and all documents are checked. It would be easier if I can attach a screen shot here but this web app does not seem to allow me to do that.

Okay, that’s what I meant. Would’ve been too easy, I guess. Does the Compile window stay open?

(BTW the L&L staff can grant you the permission to upload images, that’s a spam protection for new users).

Thanks again for your quick response. Yes, the compile window stays open, essentially nothing happen when I click “Compile” button. Technically, the colour of the button change a little indicating that I have clicked on it, then become the original colour again after perhaps 0.5 second.

This may sound stupid, but did you try to restart your computer?

And no compile format works, or just those involving Multimarkdown in some way?

Yes I did restart my computer. I have tried different formats and “Compile for”. All resulted the same behaviour :frowning:

Have you installed Scrivener 3.2.3, our Monterey compatibility update?

Does Scrivener otherwise behave normally?

Thanks @kewms. When I encountered the error this morning, I removed and re-installed with the latest version and it is still a problem :frowning:. I am kind of stuck, is there an alternative way to trigger the compile process?

Thanks all. Finally, tracing back what I installed on my Mac, and it seems like a Word plugin interfere with Scrivener compile button, quite surprising but there you go.

I completely remove Word and now I can compile again. Hopefully, this can help others in the future.


“A fight between two word processors :smiley:”, and guess what, I am still using Scrivener :slight_smile:


What was the offending “plug-in”? And how did you detect it was the problem?


Crazy. Which plugin was the culprit? Might help to understand what’s going on.

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I installed an MS word plugin called “WriteFull”. I think the installation may have corrupted some of the Mac libraries? Because I was having some issues with chrome this morning besides Scrivener. It seems anything to do with bringing up a file dialog (i.e. compile button in Scrivener, Chrome download), all these functionalities are not working.

Now, I have re-installed the MS word, although I still have the plugin, it does not interfere with the file dialog any more.

So, perhaps my first installation of the plugin may have been corrupted.