Scrivener Compile Formatting

I am using the Paperback 6x9 size in PDF format and simply trying to figure out how to get Chapter Title in the Header field on the right side pages. It currently shows Book Title but Chapter Title would be far more desirable. Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

Compile: headings

yes but what do i type into headings to get the chapter title to appear rather than the book title?

I don’t know what “type in headings” means to you.

Put <$title> in the section layout Prefix or Suffix (as demonstrated in my workflow) or check the Title checkbox.

My link to the workflow was corrupted somehow. I just fixed it and hopefully it stays fixed.

Are you asking about the formatting of the section, or the formatting of the page?

That is, do you want the chapter title to appear at the beginning of the Chapter, or in the page header along with the page number?

The first is accomplished with the Section Layout formatting, the second with the Page Settings.

The page header along with the page number. I actually figured it out last night after some trial and error. Now it works brilliantly. And I’m getting more technical :). Thx for asking!!

Thx! That was very helpful!!!