Scrivener compile problem

I converted my manuscript from an MS Word .doc file into a Scrivener project using the Novel With Parts format. I’m still on the free trial period, but I will buy the registered product if I can get my problem fixed. The user manual is no help. I don’t have Scrivener for Dummies yet.

When I first explored Scrivener I didn’t think it would be worthwhile to convert because my manuscript was nearly complete.

MS Word gave me fits in printing. Every chapter had the same problem: The last paragraph in each chapter was forced into the middle of a page all by itself. It’s possible this was caused by the odd page section breaks I used, but I decided to see if Scrivener would work for me.

It didn’t take me long to prepare the manuscript for Scrivener processing. I like the abilities it affords, and may use it from the beginning if I start another project.

[b]My problem is in the compile phase. Scrivener does a nice job formatting the first two chapters, but only the subheadings appear in all of the remaining chapters. The chapters are there, but there’s no content.

I’ve tried compiling as .doc, .rtf, and pdf format with the same result.[/b]

Does anybody have a clue what I’m doing wrong? Or is it that Scrivener can’t handle 110,000 words?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

OK, this is scary. Gwen Hernandez very promptly answered my post concerning the Scrivener compile problem.

I composed a reply, and was about to submit it when my screen was commandeered by a picture of a jihadist, some writing in Arabic, and the following approximate message in English: “Hacked by Islam”

I immediately closed the Firefox Tab before the page could fully load.

I closed the other L&L tabs that I had open and reloaded this forum in a new tab. Now only the original post is present. Not Gwen’s very nice reply and not my interrupted reply to her.

This is a serious problem–way more serious than my compile problem. I hope nobody else has suffered this hack.

Meanwhile, I would still like my original questions answered. As soon as I hear back from Gwen I will reconstruct my response to her message so she can visualize what is happening.

That is incredibly strange - which site were you on when you saw that message, ours or Gwen’s? I’ve been through the website’s pages and can’t find any that seem to have been hacked. Where did Gwen answer - on this forum? Or on her own page?

All the best,

I’m copying the following message from my post on the Scrivener’s Facebook page just to make it more likely that Gwen has the opportunity to see it. I apologize for forgetting Gwen’s name. I think I called her Katherine.

Thank you for the feedback.[b]