Scrivener Compile to Kindle Preview

Am trying to compile/export MS (straight text, no images/graphics) from scrivener to kindle preview. Everytime I try to do so, the previewer opens and–voila–there is one page, which says Chapter One. And that’s it. I don’t even know where/how to begin to trouble-shoot. Thoughts? Am not wanting at this point to deal w/front matter or anything else, just want to see if the text looks as it is supposed to be. Thanks for any advice.

The first place to check when troubleshooting raw content errors is the Contents compile option pane. This will provide a list of all the components that are eligible and have been selected for compile. For example, if someone wrote their entire book outside of the Draft folder, this mistake would be immediately obvious as the contents list would be empty save for maybe that initial “Untitled” document.

The next place to look, after confirming that you have a book full of files in Contents, is the Formatting pane, which controls what this list of files will produce. It is entirely possible to switch all output off in this pane, if you disable all of the checkboxes in the upper half of that window.

Also I would recommend testing with Print or RTF as your output format until you figure out the content problem. It’s just a faster check cycle and includes far fewer components in between your clicking the “Compile” button and ultimate output. Kindle output in particular includes the usage of external software that Scrivener does not control, so minimising the amount of complexity in your output chain is a good way to troubleshoot problems.