Scrivener - Configuring compile style

Hello all,

I discovered Scrivener while looking for an alternative to Lyx (Latex with GUI) to write my book so beg with me if I am going to ask a silly question.

I am still in the trial period but will for sure purchase, lost wallet and waiting for the new credit card :blush:, and am working to move my manuscript from Lyx to Scrivaner, so far so good as I have moved the first 3 chapters of my manuscript and am happy with the result on screen… problems start when I try to compile to PDF… as I am unable to achieve what I want.

I’ve gone through the interactive tutorial and tried to read around to no avail, what I would like to achieve is a formatting identical to Scrivaner’s manual, that is exactly what I am trying to reproduce for my book but no matter what it seems I’m doing something wrong.

So my question is there any guide/step by step for dummies like me to follow to achieve such a nice and elegant result? Keep in mind I’m writing a techncial book, IT related, which is used among people in my team so no need fo fancy publishing or anything like that.

Is anybody able to point me toward the right direction/tutorial? Am I asking too much for the Windows version?

Thanks in advance for any advice… and sorry if my question will look silly.

The Scrivener user manual is written using MultiMarkdown, so it’s a little more complex than just the basic compile. It was also compiled via the Mac version, which has a few more compile options than Windows does yet (although everything in the Mac version is slated to come to the Windows version; it’s just a matter of several years’ head start). There’s a copy of the user manual project available on the support page, which could give you an idea of how it was done, but that particular project won’t compile correctly from Windows as it uses an older form of MMD.

All of that may not be necessary, though. What specifically are you trying to achieve with compile that you have been unable to do? Are you writing directly in LaTeX?

I am using Scrivener 1.6 on Windows with MultiMarkdown (fletcherpenney) to generate latex file.
I use “MultiMarkdown to Latex” compile option.
As you know well we can use #, ##, ## to make the chapter, section with multimarkdown (mmd).
I tried to set formatting in compile dialog and I checked ‘Title’ for ‘Level 1+ (duplicated doc)’ and ‘Level 1+’ (single doc). However, the title cannot be started with ‘\chapter’ or ‘\section’ keyword of latex. It was just started with ‘.textbf’ keyword.

Of course, I changed ‘Latex’ option to ‘None/Use Meta-Data’ in compile dialog.
And I also input some ‘key-value pairs’ into meta-data as below:
LaTex Input: latex-header (prepared file)
Title: title
Author: name
Base Header Level 2
Latex Input: latex-begin (prepared file)
Latex Footer: latex-footer (prepared file)
use xelatex yes

All right, I’ll admit my knowledge of LaTeX begins and ends at how to spell it and my MMD know-how doesn’t go a whole lot farther, but I know a guy* who knows a lot and he advised you try the current public beta of the next Scrivener release, which fixes a bug with compiling titles in MMD that is probably what you’re running into here. The beta correctly applies the hashes to the titles automatically for whatever level they are (although there is a display bug in the compile formatting preview where it looks like the wrong number is used in some cases, but they will compile correctly) and places them appropriately in respect to other formatting tags, so it should give you the proper compile to LaTeX.

The beta version is still a beta, so if you’re not comfortable using pre-release software, that’s not a solution, but it’s probably worth a try in this case. You can use File > Back Up > Back Up To… in 1.6.1 to create a backup of your project before you test it in

[size=85]* by which I mean, my greatly esteemed colleague and tech support head :slight_smile:[/size]

Thank you for MimeticMouton.
I have tried to configure right setting to generate latex file with \chapter and \section command.
However, All the try was failed and I spent a lot of time to solve this issue because all most of blog post are related with Mac OS.

As you commented, I solved this problem by updating to beta version.
Thank you for your so fast reply.