Scrivener Cost (call me crazy)

In my day job, I interface with small-shop software creators, all of whom are critical for the workflow in my industry. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is challenging to keep the lights on, maintain software stability (thank you frequent OS updates), and focus on upcoming features.

That said, I also believe Scrivener should cost much more (as long as we already have our licenses - ha!)

I propose the following VOLUNTARY program.

  • If you sell something to a major and use Scrivener, kick some change back to Literature & Latte.
  • You sell something to an indie - kick a smaller amount back.
  • You sell an article - with current rates, pay them $0.25 (journalists know what I’m saying).

You get what I’m going for. L&L should have a PayPal or donation account. Publish that donation channel here so users can tip as they see fit.

Ok. let the flaming begin. I feel strongly about this proposal.

Anything stopping you from using this algorithm to send money to Literature and Latte now? Others can voluntarily follow you should they wish.

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We’re doing fine, thanks.

As an alternative, buy a copy of Scrivener for a writer who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Or donate a copy to a school or writer’s organization near you.


It’s a nice thought, though, thank you! As Katherine says, we are doing fine, though - we try to get the right balance with the price so that many people can afford it without it being so cheap that we can’t stay in business.

In fact, many users seem to think it’s too expensive these days, and resent having to pay separately for different platforms (I guess it’s this sort of shift in user expectation that has driven many companies to embrace the subscription model). I’m certainly happy to hear you think it’s worth more!

All the best,


I have to say it. I can’t help myself. I am disappointed no one called him “crazy.”

I guess it’s left to me.

Hi Crazy. I’m MG. Nice to meet you.