Scrivener Cover Image (Windows) - Full Bleed


I’d like to make my cover image bigger, so that it’s “full bleed” and goes right to the edge of the page, no margins, as I’ve seen e-books have when using iBooks Author. (I’ve added the image to the front matter in a text file called “Cover”, using Edit- Insert -Image Linked to file). When I make it any bigger than 449 X 674 pixels, it cuts my image and puts some of it on a second page, instead of making it span the whole page.

How do I do this? Can anyone help?

Thank you!


Both the iBookstore and Kindle Direct Publishing request that you submit the book cover separately, not as part of the text you submit, and then make it Full bleed. The same goes for Createspace if you create your own cover for a paperback.

When compiling for e-pub and kindle outputs, the compile window gains a “Cover” section, where you can select an image file from the binder. This should be just the .jpeg (or other image format) file, not a text document with an image inserted into it.