Scrivener Crash + Loss of data

Hi everybody,
while working on one of the texts of a scrivener document, the program crashed. Opening the document again, the text I was writing at had disappeared. As I previously had the “back up on project close” option selected I suppose that closing the program again saved the last version, that is the one with the blank page.
Nevertheless, opening the backups of the document (.zips) there was no copy of the “ok” version.
Is there another way to recover my document?
Is this a common bug and how can I get rid of it?

Another hint is that I had the Zotero application on as well… Could this be a problem?

System specs
Windows XP
Scrivener 1.0.3

First of all I am sorry if you have lost data. However, it sounds like your project index got corrupted when Scrivener crashed. If this is the case your data is there, it’s that Scrivener isn’t referencing it so you can’t see it. This is fixable.

I’m trying to find the solution for you so the Scrivener index can right itself. I’m looking through the forum but I cannot see it at the moment. Do you use syncing services such as Dropbox at all?

I cannot recall if Dropbox was “on” at the moment but definitely Zotero was… it has synch as well.
Probably you are right about the index. Maybe that is why when I open the project the icon of the section in question (in the tree of the whole document) is the text-one (when you have already written things down I mean).
Sorry I cannot provide more info and thanks for checking this one.

Hi left,

I’m very sorry about your missing text! The auto-backups on close would have run the time you closed prior to the crash, so if the document that’s blank wasn’t all written just in this last session when you experienced the crash, you should have a backup of it. When you opened the project for the session that ended in the crash, did you already have this document created and with text in it? It sounds like you investigated all the backups available (if you’ve left the default settings, there should be up to five of these) and didn’t find the text, but I’m not clear whether the entire document was missing from the binder or if it was present but empty, as in the current post-crash version.

If you could right-click your project’s .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”, then send that to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, I’ll take a look at the internal files to see if something got corrupted in the crash and whether we can restore it. (The contents will of course be kept confidential and the project will be deleted once I’ve sent it back to you.) If you could also indicate the binder title of the document that’s blank which shouldn’t be, that would be helpful.

I’d also suggest using the Windows search tool to look for some unique words or phrases from the missing text to see if it calls up any numbered RTF files–as Stacey says, it’s possible that the text file is fine and Scrivener’s just not loading it properly, in which case Windows will likely be able to find it for you. Then we’ll just need to set everything straight in the project so it’s all in sync with it itself again.

Hi Jennifer,

I am sending the .rar file of the scriv. project. As you will see in the internal files, the .rtf 49 is empty. If there is another way to restore the text in question, it would help a lot. Fortunately, and surprisingly, the crash erased only the text I was writing at, that I almost sure corresponds to the 49.rtf.
Anyway, I am sending the file - specifying also the binder name in question.
The backups were pretty much alike the project I am sending.
I have run a windows search but for the moment no results.
Thanks for digging into this and I hope you can find something, at least concerning the crash.