Scrivener crash on deadline! Ahhh!

Ugh, I’m getting SO frustrated!!!

I was working in Scrivener late last night and all of the sudden it crashed. So of course I sent the crash report but when I went to reopen the project it just continually gives me a crash report. I’ve tried various ways to open a Scrivener project… clicking on the icon/application but can’t even get past the “Scrivener has crashed” screen. Have attempted to find my Scriv project in my files, and open a particular project, it will do 1 of 2 things – either crash right away or sit there in the dock but never open anything until I have to force quit out of Scrivener.

I found this forum topic: and tried everything listed. None of it has worked.

So to recap, I’ve tried 1. Uninstalling Scrivener and reinstalling it. 2. Rebooting my computer (several times). 3. Repairing permissions and ditching the scriv preferences.


note I’m not affiliated with L&L, just a user…

Have you disabled the third party extensions to OSX?

That’s the part where you hold shift while rebooting/logging in…

Those seem to be the primary cause of these types of errors.