Scrivener crash -- too many documents in one project? Transfer docs to new Project?

First off, I’m using Version

Several questions:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of docs Scrivener can handle for one project? I have over 1000 docs on my current book project. When I clicked on a large main folder with several 100 docs inside to rename it, Scrivener crashed. I opened it up and everything looks ok, but it happened twice. So I’m worried I’ve overloaded the amount of text and documents on this Project. Is that a possibility?

  2. I’m starting a major revision of my book project and expect to be adding 100’s more documents. I’m considering opening it in a new project, but I need to use a lot of the docs in my current Project. Can some of them be transferred?
    There must be a way to do this. Please advise. :slight_smile:

  3. While I’m at it I suppose I should update from to the newer version. Any thoughts on that?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. According to the Scrivener manual, section 6.1, “Since Scrivener was primarily written with the long-form author in mind, much effort has been put into making the project format as robust as possible. It can handle book-length manuscripts with ease, store large quantities of research material, and handle many thousands of individual components, even on a single corkboard. Scrivener has been tested against projects with millions of words in them; way beyond what it would normally have to face. So for ordinary usage, you will never need to worry about limitations.” So I wonder whether there may be some particular issue with something in that particular folder.

  2. More than one project can be open at once, and documents or folders can be selected and dragged from one project to another.

  3. Probably always best to be using the latest version. But that’s just me.

Hope that helps!

Thanks David. That was reassuring. Guess I’ll keep revising in the same Project since switching back and forth between projects sounds cumbersome–at least for now.
Safely updated to the newer version. Don’t see much difference except the font looks fuzzier. Maybe it’s my eyes. :unamused:

The fuzziness may be due to something involved with display settings. If you search “fuzzy” in this forum, there are a number of threads on it, with some solutions, I believe