Scrivener crash when cutting text

Hi there, Scrivener has crashed four times in the last hour when I have tried to cut text. It closes as soon as I hit ctrl-X or choose cut from the right click menu. This has never happened before and I’m not aware of changing anything.

not sure related but had problems with crashing and when added Bitdefender virus software, Scrivener became sluggish when typing. Did you add any new software recently which could be impacting Scrivener?

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t added anything recently so I don’t think that’s it. I use Scrivener every day and this has started very abruptly. At least it’s not losing any work when it crashes.

I’m having this exact problem. It’s usually when it’s one of the first actions I perform: I open my project, open all my windows, and then when one of the first things I do is hit CTRL-X to cut something, Scrivener crashes. It happened for me twice in a row just now. It’s probably happened maybe a dozen times in total? Twice with lost work.

I’m on Win11 Pro.

I have windows 11 pro and when enabled a text cursor with blobs of color above and below the text cursor caused scrivener to repeatedly to crash. Did you change any mouse settings recently.

I have a large, colour mouse cursor which makes it easier for me to find — I’ll try setting it back to default and see if/when I get another crash.

Good luck. The issue I had was with the text cursor tool with color drops at the top and bottom of the cursor.