Scrivener Crash

Hi Guys,

I recently have crashed Scrivener twice. The log has been forwarded to you, per the automatic report process.


Edit -> Find -> Project Replace -> input the search and replace text -> Replace … crash.

The project file is large - 82,000 words or so.

Is this a known problem? Is there a fix? Apart from selecting smaller lumps of text to work with, do you have a workaround?



This is the first I have heard of it. Did the application fully crash to the desktop, or did you get warning asking whether you would like to continue or quit?

This is happening to me, too, and it’s severely hampering my ability to revise a first-draft manuscript that is over 180,000 words. I tried this several times, and it happens without exception

I also tried to do an EDIT–>FIND–>PROJECT REPLACE on a new manuscript that’s under 3,000 words, just for fun, with the same result. The application crashes, then puts up a re-open/send report option box.

This appears to have just started with the most recent update that came down a few days ago, as I had no problems prior to that. My machine is a Mac Mini (Intel) running OS 10.6.8. I have submitted a crash report.

This persistent error has basically rendered the software useless to me at this point :frowning:

–Jaye Valentine

Unfortunately I still cannot reproduce this problem. Have you tried disabling all system plug-ins? If you reboot with the Shift key held down you’ll boot up in safe mode. If you have to log in with a password, you’ll need to press Shift again immediately after doing so, until you are all the way in. All normal background programs should be disabled at this point, so anything external that might be interfering with this process should be out of the picture.

Am I not understanding the scope of the problem? From the description it appears to only be impacting the Project Replace feature, which isn’t a part of the ordinary functioning of the software. i.e. it could be ignored, and any things you need to replace could be jotted down for future use once the problem is fixed—or am I missing something.

Perhaps the crash report I sent will shed some light.

I have made NO changes to my system in the past two weeks, other than the new release of Scrivener, which is when this problem started to occur.

By “rendered useless,” I mean that in a 180,000+ word manuscript and I want to change “Jim” to “Fred,” I either have to do it manually for each occurrence of the name (lol, not happening), or I have to put the entire manuscript into MS Word and do it there, in which case, I’ll just do the whole rewrite/edit there.

Did y’all receive my crash report? I can easily make more for you if you didn’t. :slight_smile:


We probably have them all, there is no need to send any further (do make sure they are annotated with the details provided in this thread though). The thing with crash reports is that they are next to useless without the ability to reproduce the problem. We either need to get the precise scenario of the crash locked down so that Keith’s computer crashes when he tries it to, or find the source of the problem by proxy and get your computer fixed. An analogy would be trying to figure out why there is red paint scraped onto your mailbox post after coming back from a vacation.

It could still conceivably be a conflict in configuration or utilities being used. This panel was revised in the last update (notably, to add regular expression support for Lion and up), so it may be that some pre-existing condition on your computer has, up until now, remained invisible and is now triggered. So, that Scrivener is the thing that updated wouldn’t change the fact that the source of the problem would then be this hypothetical conflicting utility. Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile: We just have to rule that out because it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Actually that normal editor Find and Replace panel can operate upon thousands of files at once, too. Select the Draft folder in your Binder, switch view mode Scrivenings (it’ll probably take a few seconds with a 180k manuscript), then use Cmd-F to bring up Find.

Now it should be rendered useful, again. :wink:

I am just catching up - thought there were no replies to my post.

The whole thing disappears - as tho I had closed the app - and I get a report for Apple and a report for you guys. If the crash reports for you guys are of no value, why generate and send them?

which isn’t a part of the ordinary functioning of the software - I find that statement to be perplexing - if it is a menu option it is a part of the ordinary functioning of the software, surely? General users cannot distinguish - hey this is ordinary/this is not - or at least I cannot [and I have 20 years of IT experience…]

I have very little running on my Mac. Your app used to work OK, prior to the last update [to 2.4]. I have established workarounds, however, it is a pain to not do something simple without a crash. I am in the final stage of my mss and do not have time at the moment for bug research.



That isn’t what I said. The second half of my sentence was the crucial one: …without the ability to reproduce the problem. To go back to my analogy, if you’re standing there when the kid runs his red wagon into your mailbox post: now you know why there is red paint on it. If you weren’t there—well it could have been a drunk driver with a red car, or who knows. The crash report is merely the red paint. Without the incident that caused it, all we can do is speculate upon how paint appeared on the post over night.

I’ve got both of your descriptions of the crash, but if I follow those instructions you provided on my computer, I get no crash. I can use Project Replace dozens of times in a row, on projects with a million words in them, and it functions flawlessly. Until I can get my computer to crash, and can figure how I got it that way so I can explain it to Keith, we’re just staring at red paint.

That’s fine, we can come back to it later when you have time.

Hi, this is a “me too”.
Project Replace was working great until this last update, I sent two auto reports via the crash screen when it blew up doing a project replace for two spaces.

I gave up. Just tried it again today with another phrase and same result, programs locks up and crashes.

I’m on a Mac 10.6.8.

How can I help you get this resolved?

Thanks! I think you just inadvertently solved it. :slight_smile: I fired up my 10.6.8 computer, gave Project Replace a shot, and it crashed.

So it looks to be an issue with Snow Leopard (and perhaps earlier). I’ll let Keith know.

This may help, too (or not) . I had this issue with the licensed copy on my primary Mac. I have the trial version on a separate Mac, running 10.6.8 and I ran the project replace on that machine using the same Scrivener file. It worked (the first time) and then attempts after that have resulted in the crash.

(Nice to know the other work around for this for now.) Thanks – love this product.

Thanks everyone! Keith found the problem and it will be fixed in the next update. The newer versions of OS X include regular expression support, which is now included in all of the find/replace features in Scrivener as well as most of the searching features. It is rightly disabled in the older operating systems, but unfortunately only the toggle got disabled in Project Replace, so it was still trying to access the regex library and that resulted in an error since it doesn’t exist.

To repeat again for anyone that has this problem and has skipped to the bottom: the work-around is to use Scrivenings mode with the normal Find (Cmd-F) panel. This will of course only work for the main text, unlike Project Replace which can make sweeping changes, so if you are not on a deadline I still suggest jotting down the replacement text you wish to use, in Project Notes or somewhere else convenient, so that once it is fixed you can run them all.

Thanks for the status update…