Scrivener Crashed My Whole Project Is Gone

Scriner crashed on me. Taking with it the .scriv file, all my snapshots and all 5 backups from my backup folder. How do I get it back?

Scrivener can’t take your backups in a crash (unless you put them in the project folder??)

That sounds more a system issue than Scrivener if the entire project folder and backup folder have disappeared.

Have you done a system search for the .scriv?


Check file > options > backup to see current backup location. Start there looking for a backup.


Hi @SKLansing , I’m sorry to hear about your trouble.

If the program crashes, it’s possible for work from the latest writing session to potentially go missing or be in the recovered files section at the bottom of the binder (you should get a notification about recovered files upon launching the project in that case), but you wouldn’t see work from previous sessions or backups affected.

Are you looking at your current backup folder? You can verify the location and open your backup folder via File → Options → Backup. If you’ve recently changed your backup location, you’ll want to look at the previous location. Also, please note that the default setting is for Scrivener to create a backup on project close and keep 5 copies by default. So, if you haven’t closed the project at least 5 times after working in it, you wouldn’t have 5 backups yet. If you haven’t ever closed the project (you always keep the project open in the background), this scenario is technically possible as there would be no backups in the backup folder (none would have ever been created) and, since all work was one session, all work could possibly be affected. That is pretty unlikely, though, unless this is a brand new project.

Also, can you explain what you mean by “taking with it the .scriv file”? The .scriv folder is the project file itself, so there would be nothing to open and discover the snapshots missing if the project folder no longer existed.