Scrivener Crashed with Computer

About a month ago, my computer crashed. On May 29, 2014 I emailed Windows support. Admittedly, it was a long email since I wanted to make sure I explained everything adequately. It was ignored. I sent a second request which was a much shorter version on 6/4/2014.

In both requests the bottom line was to have my Scrivener re-installed. I gave my purchase date and my order number. I also gave my serial number.

Is there any reason I should not have immediately been contacted? There is an urgency to my request: It is that I had to get the free one month of Scrivener downloaded to my computer in order to link it to a remnant of my original Scrivener (I don’t understand it, but my technical man from Dell was able to link it once I got my free “sample”.) Sixty chapters of my novel were on it (out of 84), which I backed up on my thumb drive. But I am about to run out of my 30 day trial.

Can anyone help me get my Scrivener Re-installed?

I believe I responded to your message in the e-mail queue only a day or so ago. I remember these dates specifically, from that message. It seems that our correspondences with you are getting lost in the spam filter or something. I was worried that would just happen again with the second response, so I’m glad you took the effort to post here as well. I will contact you with the details in a few minutes.

Make sure to whitelist

Thank you so much! OMG, I never thought of checking my spam folder. I’ll go do that now. Again, thanks … 0&t=27728#