Scrivener Crashed


I am EDITED of know as my Scrivener is permanentlu crashing and I am in a loop to Force Quit and to restart.
What I have done:
I simply imported a docx file and Scrivener had crashed and created this recovery file.
Know I have a couple of this files in my bin but I can’t delete them.
Scrivener is crashing and then if I like to restart it is loading again the crash file.
And I am now in a catch 22 loop. F***k. :imp:
The other problem is that I have used the Scrivener Tutorial Template and it looks like
if I start to use a new file with this template it is loading my file (again a loop)
That’s a really buggy behavior ;-(
I am happy that in the moment I am only testing otherwise I would stack in loops …
I need to import docx files so how can I trust this program if I do important research ???

Sorry for the f word up it is really annoying after 30 minutes…

Thanks for any response with a helpful fix … :smiley: