Scrivener crashes at start-up, brings up terminal window

Back when I downloaded and purchased Scrivener 3, it was not exclusive to the app store so my version is independent of the app store. Scrivener crashes when I open it suddenly and I’m really panicked. I paid for this app and there is no way to do a clean download with my license outside of the app store. I tried clearing caches in terminal, I tried restarting my computer, but nothing works. This app was bricked. I really don’t think I should have to pay for this app a THIRD time for it to work. Help me!
I bought Scrivener 2, I bought Scrivener 3, but I’ve never used the app store for it and now I can’t even retrieve my license since the app will not open. I tried emailing support but I haven’t heard back. Has this happened to anyone else?