Scrivener crashes during compile with (specific) replacements

I have a relatively large project (80k words) that I’m trying to make MMD–>tex compatible. This entails adding carriage returns to extant paragraph breaks.

Since Scrivener’s Project replace function in Windows does not permit the replacement of carriage returns, I’ve resorted to using the Replacements function in the Compile menu.

I successfully compiled (with the proper replacements) one chapter of my project, but when I try to do the whole thing Scrivener freezes and crashes.

You’ve gotten one chapter to compile, so have you tried compiling every document separately to find where it might be running into a snag? It’s possible that one of your documents has imported/copy-and-pasted text that has invisible style coding that is giving the compile engine fits. When you narrow down the problem to a single document, you can more easily figure out why the project as a whole isn’t compiling.

Thanks for that suggestion!

I have a suspicion that invisible style coding is the culprit (due to some text imported from a word doc). On that subject, what’s the best way to get rid of that? I’ve applied the Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style which works…sort of. (The “Convert quotes to straight quotes” command still doesn’t work in that document).