Scrivener crashes every time I try to open a previously saved project

Hello everyone,

I am hoping I can get some help here. I have been using Scrivener for 3 years or so and I have many saved projects in this platform. Today I went to open an old project and scrivener crashed on me. This happened again and again 3 times. I tried then to open a new project, no problem. But when I went to open an old project again, CRASH!! I would love any help I can get and hate the idea of all those lost projects. Please help!

Have you updated to Big Sur recently?

If yes, you need Scrivener 3.2.2. … s?os=macOS



Psst… this is posted in the iOS part of the forum but Scriv 3 is mentioned, i.e the Mac version.

Where? (I added the emphasis below.)

I mean, the user’s profile says Mac, but nothing in their post says iOS or Mac.