Scrivener crashes/hangs on startup

OS X 10.10.3
Scrivener v - unknown as cannot start it, but it is the latest as of June 2015.
Platform: MacBook Pro mid 2014, Intel, 16GB RAM

Scrivener refuses to launch. If it does get me to the last page I was working on, it hangs. If I relaunch, it shows the icon on the bottom bar but no menu items, no workspace - nothing. I have to force quit on both occasions.

This is new behaviour. It was working, but now is not and nothing has changed (that I am aware of).

Very, very hacked off as I am being delayed by this and cannot get work out which has tight deadlines without Scrivener playing up.

Sometimes I can get a stable situation if I restart the MBP completely and only launch Scrivener (which suggests a memory error or conflict somewhere in the setup).

Personally, I’d quit Scrivener (and make sure it isn’t running by checking Activity Monitor).

I’d then uninstall it. Shut down the Mac. Cold boot. Grab a new copy of Scrivener and reinstall.

If that didn’t work, I’d reset the PRAM and SMC.

Apart from uninstalling Scrivener, everything else that can be done has been done, but thanks for the reply. At a guess, there is something about putting the MBP to sleep as opposed to shutting it down that Scrivener doesn’t like. It is also the only app that has exhibited trouble of this kind. Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers - I have a ton of apps on this machine - but Scrivener is the app-of-choice for doing serious work that ends up in publication.

I too would uninstall Scrivener’s programme files, and re-download them and re-install them from the Mac App Store or this website (whichever you originally obtained them from), as Briar Kit advises. As far as I know, no harm will come to your projects when you do.

Not sure what is going on here at all. The new version did the same, but I fear it may be an OS X problem rather than an app issue. Each time, I see a rise in CPU load which indicates a memory leak or something which may be why Scrivener works when a restart is done. I’ll keep digging.

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